Icehouse Pike

Icehouse Pike
Icehouse Pike

Do you see red at the fish market? Why don’t you swap the dull red with fresh and delicious wild fish.

Long and strong salting sucks the liquid from the pike, and firms the meat. So you may not cut wide flashy slices from this Icehouse Pike. However, you can create nice and tasty savouries with pike on a rye bread or on a boiled egg. That is, once you wait for a couple of weeks.  …

Great Grey Owl

Great grey owl visiting us this afternoon
—Lappuggla besökte oss i eftermiddag
—El cárabo lapón visitándonos esta tarde

Coloured Pigeon

We just thought that we discovered a cross of a parrot and a pigeon in Alicante, Spain. Apparently it had been coloured for competition purposes, so no hybrid to our disappointment. Also, it was ringed.