Juonola Sirloin Steak

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Juonola Sirloin Steak
Juonola Sirloin Steak

Juonola Sirloin Steak

3 pcs (650 g) Juonola Sirloin Steaks (or 4–5 thin ones)
4–5 large garlic cloves, crushed with a knife
10–15 sprigs of fresh thyme cut in pieces
black pepper
avocado oil

Remove the steak from the fridge and let warm to room temperature at least half an hour before frying. Press the steaks flatter by hand on a board.
Use a cast iron frying pan because it is better with high heat than teflon pan. Avocado oil cooks hot.
Prepare garlic, thyme and butter. Heat the pan and add the oil.

Thick steak:
Sear the first side for about one minute. Then flip over and sear for about one minute. Once seared, add salt. Continue frying and flip over every 20 seconds.
Follow the temperature from the side of steak with a thermometer: raw 45ºC, medium 55ºC, well done 65ºC.
Turn the heat down to very low and add butter, crushed garlic, and thyme. Flip the steaks a few times and baste. Place the steak on a warm plate to rest, and add black pepper.

Thin steak:
Sear both sides for about a minute in a hot pan. Add salt and place the steak to another pan with very low temperature with butter, garlic, and thyme. Flip a few times during basting, and place steak on a plate and add black pepper.
If you cook steaks more than you can fit onto one pan, this two pan tactic works well. The steaks are fried nicely one after another.

The sauce has a very good taste. Add it onto the steaks on the plate. Use salt gently when frying, and add at the table if necessary.

Recipe: Hannu Puttonen

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