Icehouse Pike

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Icehouse Pike
Icehouse Pike

Do you see red at the fish market? Why don’t you swap the dull red with fresh and delicious wild fish.

Long and strong salting sucks the liquid from the pike, and firms the meat. So you may not cut wide flashy slices from this Icehouse Pike. However, you can create nice and tasty savouries with pike on a rye bread or on a boiled egg. That is, once you wait for a couple of weeks. 

Icehouse Pike

500g pike fillet
coarse sea salt

Remove the bones of the fillet.

Line a food contaner with cling film. Pour salt generously on the bottom. Spread a layer of fish and another layer of salt, and a layer of fish again. Finally, cover the surface with generous amount of salt.

Wrap the edges of film tightly around the fish, and press the packet evenly against the bottom. Put a weight on top, and place the container in the coldest part of the refrigerator for at least two weeks.

Rinse the salt with cold water, and dry the fish. Cut the fish into very thin slices.

You can find a clear directions to filet a pike (in Finnish):

Text and recipe: Hannu Puttonen
Photo: Veli-Pekka Räty, Three Images