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I am an product and experience designer, visual storyteller, and research scientist. I work with audiovisual content, technology, and education; recently new tools for broadcasting industry.

What I Do Today

Here at Three Images (2003–) I am working with commercial design for consumer products including visual and interaction design, and digital storytelling. Also, I do assignment photography and media design for companies and magazines. I have worked with content management systems and image databases. All these pages tell you more about this work.

Also, I have recently been working at the NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2016–2017) with the VisualMedia project which integrates state of the art in social media engines, innovative 3D graphics capabilities, and novel interaction systems into one single solution in order to bring to the market a completely new way to produce interactive TV programs. I was working on user requirement definition and the evaluation of the product. VisualMedia is a EU Horizon 2020 project.

My research and design interests include augmented reality, broadcasting, interaction design, social media, storytelling, user experience (UX) design, and visual communication.

A Bit of Background

Art, media and technology have fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I was a keen photographer and Super 8 & 16mm cinematographer, but also, I was fond of electronics and computing.

I went to study computer science and biomedical engineering at the Tampere University of Technology. Soon I noticed that I wanted to go beyond pure technology. I wanted it to be something useful. At that time I was designing communication devices and multimedia software for severely disabled children at the VTT—Technical Research Centre of Finland. Certainly, the games were useful for disabled children—they made disabled children equal with their able bodied mates. The games also drew me back to the university—this time to study visual communication.

After my PhD in Art and Design at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, I lead a research group studying interactive environments including novel user interfaces at VTT Information Technology. We created wonderful attractions for theme parks such as multisensory immersive games that detect group movement, auditory narration with devices that detect users’ gestures, and motivating sports in virtual worlds.

At Three Images (these web pages), I continued game and play design for adults–new outdoor fitness equipment. I was designing for the flow experience, i.e. the person concentrates entirely in sports. Developing image databases, especially for photographers, combined media and technology once again. Of course, I continued to tell visual stories, especially action and adventure in photojournalism. All this continues.

Besides media and design at Three Images, I was selected to set up the Institute for Northern Culture. The exceptional Institute unites the higher education in arts and design in Lapland, Finland. Nearly 2000 students from the vocational level up to the doctoral level study there. We urged the students to study and and the staff to work together. I worked as the coordinator of the Institute after the setup.

I speak Finnish (native), English, Swedish, German, Spanish, and French.

Read more at my LinkedIn page.

— Veli-Pekka


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