Design Profits

Based on research studies, investing in design increases customer satisfaction, product usability, communication, and profit. Companies that are design-mature may see over double returns compared to the remaining companies. This stems from increased product quality, usability, and customer satisfaction. The Design Venture Programme at the Institute of Design and Fine Arts at LAB University of Applied […]

Pike Soup

Now that the balmy summer turns slowly to autumn—this morning at the cottage it was foggy and barely 10°C—it’s time to dig out all the recipes for delicious soups. And what else would warm you up better than pike bones, and crab or crayfish shells! If you don’t fancy cooking the broth, forget cooking a […]

Pike & Pepper Pie

Here you have the easiest and fastest way to get rid of pike bones. Make sure that you use a traditional meat grinder! Food processors make the meat too crushed, yet few bones may survive the process.